Whether you are looking for a new direction or how to put all the pieces of you together into one happy, healthy being, Dot will create the individual program that is unique to your needs.  As a Holistic Intuitive, Dot has developed the ability to sense and evaluate the energy that is flowing through and around the whole being of an individual.  This energy evaluation allows her to identify the healing & learning processes that will produce the most positive outcome for each client.

The peaceful, confidential & non-judgmental environment that Dot creates allows you to recognize and acknowledge who you are now and who you want to be in this life.  She creates a safe place to share concerns and dreams.

Dot’s programs are not just for a present issue, but are structured to assist in all of life’s challenges. The many techniques and methods she incorporates into each program offer success on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. A program with Dot is truly a “Learning Experience for a Lifetime.”

Whichever program you select, Dot will guide you gently, and shine a bright light on your path so that your next steps will be clear, safe & comfortable.  Together you will establish the program and schedule that will produce a life of Balance, Love & Peace.

The differences between the Coaching and the Mentoring programs are listed below.  Consistent value with both programs.


Can be short term or long term
Focused on immediate needs & skill improvement
Session as requested
Focus determined in each session
Payment by session and required at each session


Usually longer term
More detailed plan – life goals along with immediate needs
On-going process with scheduled sessions
Session content may be determined by established plan
Payment determined by program length and required by monthly payment – longer programs discounted – payment plans available

Dorothy (Dot) Campbell, M.Ed.

Founder of Self-Power®& the Self-Power®Center

 Self-Power Trainer – Certified Hypnotist & Instructor
Holistic Intuitive – Reiki Master Teacher – National Public Speaker

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