Dot knows what questions to ask and how to convey her message whether she is talking to CEO’s or a small child. This is part of her gift. She is able to ask probing questions to get to the bottom of your issues. And her easy manner allows you to speak freely without fear of judgment or ridicule. She is like a breath of fresh air, and I do not know of any person that is in the presence of her knowing, loving, calm manner, that doesn’t feel better after spending time with her. Mell K. – Braintree, MA

Dot is a wonderfully kind, giving person and through her gift of intuition she consistently guides me in the right direction. She has always been there for me even after my move to Dublin. I greatly value her advice, guidance and insight. I love soaking up all the knowledge and wisdom that she shares. Dot is a true treasure. S. Lloyd -Dublin, Ireland

Dot has been a beacon on my spiritual journey. She has guided me with her wealth of knowledge and compassion allowing me to open my heart, spirit, and mind to a deeper understanding of my life’s purpose. Dot gifted me with the tools needed to manifest the people and resources necessary to achieve goals for my highest good. Through it all, Dot’s humor and kindness permeated each experience, so the learning was grounded in peace, love, and joy. J. M. – Seekonk, MA

Dot taught me how to control my anxiety and strong feelings of guilt and replaced them with calm and acceptance. Due to my sessions with Dot, I am now confident that I am making decisions that are for my highest good. She continues to guide me to make positive adjustments in my life so I have peace, love and happiness. Lauren K. – New York, NY

Dot always listens, calms my anxiety and assures me that time is not mine to bend. She just knows the right thing to say or do – like a magical sense of what’s next. I have referred clients, friends & family to Dot and all had very positive experiences. Kate H. – Boston, MA

Dot advocates teaching clients to heal themselves, giving you the tools to help – no matter what the issue or concern in your life. She teaches you to care for your physical, spiritual and emotional self with love and acceptance. Dot has helped me let go of past negative emotions and taught me how to love and accept myself for who I am. Sue K. – Cambridge