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It's no coincidence that brought you here, but a sense within you that there is more to your life than you are experiencing now. Perhaps it's the desire to explore a new path of enlightenment, expand on the knowledge that is at the core of your joy, or the search for Good Health, Love, Happiness and Peace.
I'm honored to offer you the guidance I've given to many,
to help you find the life you are looking for.


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My Purpose

My purpose is to guide you gently through the process of healing your total being – Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually.

My Mission

My mission is to share with you the safe and easy techniques that will allow you to resolve present and future challenges throughout your life.

My Sessions

My sessions and teaching products are dedicated to guiding you on a comfortable journey of self discovery to create a life of Balance, Love and Peace.
  • Balance, Love and Peace


Together we will create into Reality
the life that you truly Desire and Deserve

Don’t be shy, let’s get started. Simply click on the button below and submit the contact form to schedule a FREE 20 minute consultation with me. I will nourish your soul and help you create a life of Balance, Love and Peace. Reach out. I look forward to shining a light on the steps of your path.

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    Remember when you were a child and used your imagination to see and be, whatever and whoever you wanted? Those were days when you could escape to that special place that belonged to only you. No other person or thing could enter unless you gave your permission. Growing up as an only child, I certainly […]

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    One of my most popular Self-Power® presentations to corporations and associations carries this title. My first question to my audience is “What is the difference between talking and communicating”. Some of the responses I get are: “Listening”, “It takes two to communicate”, “One person talks, then the other person talks”, “Speaking clearly and distinctly”. All […]