PAR for Life

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Even if some of you are not avid golfers, I´m sure that you know what “PAR for the course” means. This phrase moved from the golf course and became a common expression when the expected outcome of a situation occurred. I can see you nodding your head and saying, “Yes, I know what par for the course means.” But do you ever think about what the PAR is for life? Well, let me explain. My teachings are built on the concept that we can not always control the people and situations that we encounter. However, we can control our attitudes and reactions to those people and situations, – through our perception. Therefore, PAR for life is our:

Perception – which creates our
Attitude – which determine our
              Reaction – which produces the outcome

We have all heard stories of individuals who supposedly were incapable of performing a task. Yet to everyone´s astonishment they accomplished the impossible. These individuals refused to accept outside perceptions of their capabilities. Instead they created their own perception by visualizing themselves succeeding. Perception, our vision, is an internal process that we control and can be changed. We can accept a perception of limitations or we can choose a vision of success and accomplishment. The Choice is ours to make.

There is a saying that “We eventually become what we think we are”. Thinking, perception, visualizing are all the same process and can determine our success or failure. To use golf as an example; if you perceive and visualize yourself as a proficient golfer, then you perform as a proficient golfer. You can view sand traps and hazards as threatening obstacles which you will be unable to overcome. Or, you can perceive them as a challenge and visualize your celebration as you do your very best on the course. You see, visualizing a positive outcome to any situation, creates an attitude inside us that makes us react in a manner that practically guarantees success. Establishing a positive perception is not an easy process, it takes practice. But then doesn´t anything that we want to excel at in life. Proficiency in positive perception will bring incredible rewards.

The next time you are facing a new challenge, take some time to visualize your success and establish the perception that your vision is reality. See yourself successfully completing the challenge with calm and ease. You must visualize the results that you want and accept them as true. When you can visualize with true conviction, then positive PAR will take over and make your vision a reality.

I wish you all PAR for the golf course and positive PAR for life.



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