Practitioner Certification Training

Life Balancing Therapy incorporates the very best of metaphysical tools and techniques to bring Balance, Love and Peace into the life of each client. Through the dynamic combination of modalities a powerful new tool is created that releases stress and negative feelings, while allowing the acceptance of positive suggestions.

Through time proven relaxation techniques and the channeling of the Universal healing energy, each client will receive healing on whatever level is needed; physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Whatever the intention; to release unresolved issues, to gain insight and focus, or to just relax and be, this soothing, healing process will manifest each client’s intentions into reality.

Life Balancing Therapy is a step beyond Reiki, therefore, it is a prerequisite for each student that they have already been attuned to Reiki III Master Level. It is not required that they be a Reiki Master Teacher, only that they have completed their Reiki III Master Level and are an active Reiki practitioner.

Life Balancing Therapy Certification includes extensive training in the following areas:

Practitioner Preparation
Client Pre-talk and Interviewing Techniques
Relaxation Processes
Release Process
Aura Clearing
Visualization Process
Chakra and Energy Field Alignment
Affirmation Creation and Appropriate Uses
Hand Positions
And much more

We look forward to guiding you on an exciting new career path and sharing the tools and techniques that will help you to attain all of your personal and professional goals.

Dorothy (Dot) Campbell, M.Ed.

Founder of Self-Power®& the Self-Power®Center

 Self-Power Trainer – Certified Hypnotist & Instructor
Holistic Intuitive – Reiki Master Teacher – National Public Speaker

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