Practitioner Certification Training

In a Reiki (pronounced ‘ray-key’) session, the “life force energy” is channeled to the client through the Reiki practitioner’s hands.  The ability to channel this gentle, ancient healing art is available to anyone and is transferred from the Reiki Master to each student through an attunement process. Once you have been attuned to Reiki, it will always be with you.

Reiki is a life-altering experience – but in the most positive, possible way. Whether you practice Reiki only on yourself, or share it with family and friends, the blessings that you receive through the practice of Reiki will improve your well-being on many levels. One of the blessings of being a Reiki practitioner is the ability to facilitate wellness in others. Another is that while you are facilitating wellness in others, you are also receiving this miraculous gift, as you become a channel for the Reiki energy that flows through you.

While the Reiki practitioner is channeling the energy to the client the practitioner is also receiving the “life force energy”. Because this energy emanates from a higher source, it will go wherever it is needed to heal the client. Also, due to the wisdom of its source, Reiki can do no wrong.

Reiki Level I Training

In Reiki Level I training the ability to channel the life force energy of Reiki is passed on to you from the Reiki Master during your attunement.  The training includes a healing attunement, your attunement into Reiki Level I, the history of Reiki, hand placement for Reiki on others and yourself, a complete student manual, audio recording and Reiki Level I certificate.

Reiki Level II Training

In Reiki Level II training you learn the three traditional sacred Usui Reiki symbols.   Each of these symbols has a distinct purpose.  These symbols allow you to send Reiki at a distance and to balance mental/emotional issues for yourself and others.  Reiki II intensifies your ability to channel the Universal Energy and to manifest in life all that is for the highest good. The training includes a healing attunement, attunement into Reiki Level II, introduction to 3 Usui sacred symbols, their purpose and how to utilize them, a complete student manual, audio recording and Reiki Level II certificate.

Reiki Level III Master Training

Healing attunement, attunement into Reiki III, introduction to the Usui Master sacred symbol, its purpose and how to utilize it, a complete student manual, audio recording.  The Reiki III Master certificate will be awarded after the student conducts at least 30 private Reiki sessions and turns in the accompanying feedback sheets. This training is for those who wish to work at a Master level, but do not wish to teach Life Balancing Reiki.

Reiki Master Teacher Training & Licensing

Healing attunement, attunement as a Reiki Master Teacher, teaching instructions for each level of Life Balancing Reiki, instruction on attunement process on others, complete teaching manual for all levels of Life Balancing Reiki, a signed licensing agreement with permission to teach Life Balancing Reiki and access to the purchase of all Life Balancing Reiki materials.

Dorothy (Dot) Campbell, M.Ed.

Founder of Self-Power®& the Self-Power®Center

 Self-Power Trainer – Certified Hypnotist & Instructor
Holistic Intuitive – Reiki Master Teacher – National Public Speaker

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