How did I get here?  That is the question I am asked the most. Especially by those who know my prior path in the corporate worlds of fashion, finance and consulting.  I didn’t experience a catastrophic event in my life that brought me here, in fact my growing up years were rather normal except for being labeled as “slow” in 3rd grade.  In truth I am dyslexic however that word had not been invented at that time.  That was the start of my rebellion with traditional diagnostic methods for labeling behaviors and later sparked my investigation into the subconscious mind process. My stubbornness, my Father’s label for my behavior, gave me the strength to find ways to express my “I’ll show them I’m not slow” attitude and achieve the grades, certifications and degrees  that surprised everyone.

I always had a need to help, so teaching and training came very naturally to me.  During my corporate career I attained my Masters in Education and created my first of many self-development training programs offered at numerous colleges.  The content for these programs came from my experiences in both my corporate and personal lives.  I had moved up through the corporate world at a time when there were few women at top executive levels.  I realized when women would ask me for direction to follow my steps, that I was using the same process in each corporation to reach a higher position. During introspection I realized that I was using what I then called my “instincts” to identify the next most positive step on my path to succeed.  My aha moment came when I acknowledged that it was truly my “intuition”, that knowingness within me that was doing all the work.

That same knowingness always seemed to supply the answers or opportunities that I required whenever my conscious mind decided that I needed a change in my life.  When I held onto the belief, “you ask, you get” the appropriate answers arrived and my part was to accept and do it.  While teaching the first classes that I had created, students asked at the end of the 4 weeks, “where do I go from here”.  My answer came to become a Personal Coach at a time when that title had little recognition.  Shortly after establishing myself as a Personal Coach for Your Mind, the answer of Hypnosis was delivered.  During my certification in advanced hypnosis, I questioned what else I would need to continue on my path of helping others looking for guidance.   The answer came through several students in the class who were Reiki and Dowsing practitioners.

This is when the steps on my path accelerated into warp speed.  Both Reiki and Dowsing expanded my knowingness and introduced me to the truth of my purpose on this earth plane – “I am a Light Bearer” – my true purpose is to shine a bright light on the path of those seeking to move ever forward to their true purpose and a life of Balance, Love and Peace.  Through my certifications and then teaching both Reiki and Dowsing, my knowledge and sensing of Energy expanded beyond my wildest expectations.

We are all Energy, so the acceptance of this wonderful Energy sensing process allows me to evaluate the energy flowing through and around the whole being of an individual. During this process my knowingness, along with information delivered from Devine Source (the Universe), allows me to identify the healing and learning processes that are appropriate for each individual to produce the most positive outcome.

This Energy sensing has evolved to the point that even the sound of a voice gives me information about what is going on with that individual on all levels of their being; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  This is a skill that everyone that desires can develop.  We are all born with many of what our material world considers supernatural talents, when in truth, the development of using Energy for the Highest Good of yourself and all concerned is very Natural and an inherent gift.

I conclude with this:  “I am so very grateful that I am blessed with the guidance and knowingness from the Universe that is available to ALL and that my purpose is to share this blessing”   I wish for you to come to this amazing awakening and accept your full value and purpose in this life.

Much Good Health, Happiness, Love and Positive Energy, Always!