Emotional CPR


You know that medical CPR is breathing life back into your body. Well, how would you like to breathe new life into your Spirit – the true YOU? That’s what Emotional CPR is about – breathing new life into how you feel about YOU!!! Learn how to deflect all those negative thoughts, feelings and perceptions that come at you each day. Take control of your perceptions of who you are and who you want to be. Don’t leave this precious decision to the world – you decide, you choose, you become the very best you that you can be by using Emotional CPR.

This easy-read book gives you permission and the Positive Phrases to “re-perceive” who you are and what you are doing so you bring Balance and Calm into your life each and every day.

Emotional CPR is a small book for BIG change.

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Tuning Into Your Intuition – Introduction to Dowsing


We are all born with intuition, a 6th sense. But few of us use this wonderful, inherent gift to its full potential. This introductory Dowsing book teaches how to tap into and develop your intuition through dowsing with rods or a pendulum. Dowsing can be used for both practical and spiritual purposes: locate lost objects, scanning chakras and energy fields for healing, assist with decision making and problem solving.

This easy read book defines:

  • The steps to accessing the Intuition through Dowsing
  • An Affirmation/Prayer to become focused and set the intent to dowse for the highest good
  • How to select, hold and use the Pendulum
  • How to hold and use the Dowsing Rods
  • How to check the Energy Fields, their names and correct order
  • How to check the Chakras, their names and where they are located in the body
  • A Visualization process to heal and create balance for the entire being
  • Tune Into Your Intuition through Dowsing and connect to the power that has all the answers that you require to live the happy, healthy, and fulfilling life that you deserve.




Paperback US $4.99
(includes shipping)
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